The Competition


The 2022 ECA Club Championships will take place during 24 to 25 September 2022.

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  1. Montpellier 3MCK

  2. Silkeborgs Sønner

  3. Ulster Canoe Polo Club

  4. Real Club Náutico de Castellón


  1. KSVH Berlin

  2. FOA Liverpool

  3. Kanu Polo Zurich

  4. Wild Water Kayak Club


  1. ASD Pro Scogli Chiavari

  2. KV Viking Venlo

  3. Technico Kajak Club

  4. Avranches



  2. Meidericher Kanu Club Duisburg

  3. Canoa Club Napoli

  4. Kingston A

  5. IRWV



  1. Canoë Club Avranches

  2. Club Alaquas Kayak Polo

  3. Canoe Rovigo

  4. Wild Water Kayak Club

  5. Kingston Ladies


  1. Canoë Kayak Club Acigné

  2. Polisportiva Canottieri Catania

  3. A.D. Pinatar

  4. Meridian Canoe Club

  5. Kilcock Canoe Polo Club

Men - 17 Teams

3 Groups of 4. One Group of 5

Each Group plays a league on Saturday. 3 or 4 matches depending on the Group.

First Group A plays First 1 Group D. First Group B plays First Group C.

Second Group A plays Second Group D. Second Group B plays Second Group C.

Third Group A plays Third Group D. Third Group B plays Third Group C.

Top 3 teams in each Group (A-D) play for position 1-12 on Sunday.

First in each Group (A-D) qualify for the second round - ROUND B.

3 rounds/matches for the first in each Group (A-D). Remainder play 4. rounds/matches

Remaining 5 teams play a second league for 13-17 place on Sunday. 4 matches played.

Women -10 Teams

2 Groups of 5

Each Group plays a league on Saturday. 4 matches played.

Top 3 teams in each Group play for position 1-6 on Sunday.

Top teams in the previous group qualify for the second round and play 2 rounds/matches. Remainder play 3 rounds/matches.

Remaining 4 teams play a second league (Group C). 3 matches played.

Top 2 teams in Group C play for 7-8 place.

Bottom 2 teams in Group C play for 9-10 place.

Participation Fee

Participation - £200. This can be paid HERE


Dublin Airport transfer to venue - £15 per person one way, including boat. This can be paid HERE

Belfast Airport transfer - FREE

Please inform us of your flight numbers, airport and arrival time and departure time, at the time of booking -

Fri 23 Sep 2022

Venue open for the arrival of teams.

Players can check into their accommodation and practice at the competition area.

Opening of Scrutineering.

Meeting of referees and match officials

Team Captain / Manager meeting.

Sat 24 Sep 2022

Competition starts

Sun 25 Sept 2022

Competition ends


Departure of teams

Mon 26 Sep 2022

Departure of teams

Competition Area

The competition area is at the Let’s Go Hydro Resort on Knockbracken Reservoir, Belfast.

The competition area has the following features:

  • 4 Canoe Polo Pitches

  • Back-stop nets

  • Scoring huts

  • Computerised scoring systems

  • Shot clocks on all 2 pitches

  • Spectator seating

  • Venue wide WiFi

  • Competition HQ

  • 2 Meeting rooms

  • Warm-up space

Not far from the competition area there are:

  • Toilets

  • Changing facilities

  • Restaurant and Café

  • Competitors dining / briefing area – large marquee

  • Accommodation

  • Aqua Park and Wakeboarding – during the “down-time”

Note that Pitch 5 is not in use for ECC 2022.

Participation Fee

The participation fee is £200 per team. Check to see if your National Federation / Governing Body is coving the cost of your participation.